Laws & Regulations


The National Council for Construction in its every operations aligns itself with the provisions of the National Council for Construction Act No 13 of 2003.

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Section 27 of the NCC Act empowers the Minister on the recommendation of the Council to make Regulations for the better carrying out of the provisions of the Act (NCC Act no 13 of 2003).
One such Regulation is SI No. 119, 2008The National Council for Construction (Contractors)( Code of Conduct ) Regulations, 2008

Registration of Projects

Statutory Instrument No 39 of 2015 (SI 39 of 2015) requires that all construction projects are to be registered with the National Council for Construction.

Registration of Projects should be done within 14 days of Contract signing failure to which punitive measures will be taken against defaulters.

Other Government Departments Acts

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Zambia Public Procurement Act, 2008

Public-Private Partnership Act, 2009

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