Public Warning


The National Council for Construction (NCC) has in the recent past received complaints from contractors who have been swindled by people masquerading as agents appointed by the NCC to conduct the registration exercise on its behalf.
The National Council for Construction would like to inform contractors and members of the public that it has never appointed any institution or individuals to carry out the registration process on its behalf. In view of the above, the NCC wishes to advise that anyone impersonating NCC members of staff must be reported to the police or the Director Registration and Regulation on +260 211 247185, the Central Regional Office on +260 211 293908/6 or the Northern Regional Office on +260 212 220 590.
Further, contractors and the public are advised that NCC members of staff carry with them identity cards which must be demanded from anyone purporting to be an employee of the NCC.
Finally, the NCC will not accept responsibility from anyone who might be cheated by the conmen.

QS. Mathew Ngulube