Zambia Green Jobs Programme


Climate change and other environmental risks caused by rapid industrialization are a growing challenge, threatening poverty alleviation efforts and undercutting achievements in sustainable development. Business as usual is no longer an option.

Going green in the building sector is a proven way for investors to lower their energy and water bills, minimise the impact that a building has on its environment, whilst stimulating job creation.

In 2013, The Zambia Green Jobs Programme (ZGJP) was launched with the aim to provide technical and development assistance to enable Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (MSMEs) to enhance competitiveness and sustainable business in the construction industry. The programme is being implemented through five collaborating UN agencies that include, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in partnership with a board cross section of Zambian organisations.

In October 2014, NCC signed an implementation agreement with ILO to deliver a range of programme activities that will aim to address the following objectives:

1) Increased appreciation in the Zambian public at large, and building industry stakeholders in particular, of green building principles and to nurture a culture of green entrepreneurship and green contracting and building practices in Zambia

2) A refined industry specific regulatory framework that stimulates demand among private and public housing developers for green building and methods

3) MSMEs have enhanced capacity to effectively participate in the building construction and green building goods and services market in Zambia

ZGJP Objectives

NCC contribute only one part to the wider ZGJP. ILO have established partnerships with a range of public and private organisations that include; Lafarge, Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Local Government and Housing and Zambia Development Agency. The overarching objectives of the whole programme are far reaching and include:

  1. Strengthening Green Entrepreneurship through the promotion of Sustainable enterprises
  2. Enhancing access to financial services for MSMEs in the green building construction sector in Zambia.
  3. Creating an enabling policy environment for sustainable human settlements and jobs creation in the Zambian housing sector.
  4. Job creation and MSME development through business linkages.
  5. Promoting inclusive green growth, sustainable enterprises and more and better jobs.
  6. Sustainable forestry management and job creation in small forest enterprises.
  7. Promoting occupational health and safety in the building construction sector in Zambia.
  8. Extending social protection to vulnerable workers in Zambia’s building construction industry.

NCC activities

NCC are in the process of implementing a number range of activities as part of the ZGJP. . A summary of the key activities are outlined as follows:

1) NCC will facilitate the establishingof a Green Building Association in Zambia. The main objective of the Association will be support the sustainable transformation of the property and construction industry through advocacy, education and building certification schemes.

2) Implementing a Green construction business plan competition for MSMEs that will raise awareness in sustainability opportunities within the housing industry.

3) Deliver the following training programmes for MSMEs:

  • Start and improve your own green construction business (SIYGCB)
  • Business Development Services (BDS)
  • Green building technologies for the housing industry

Further activity detail will be made available at an appropriate time.

Further information

For further information on the Zambia Green Jobs programme please visit the following website.